Nola Millar Library is the library for Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School and is named after the school’s first director. The library collects theatre, dance and performing arts books, published plays and screenplays, periodicals, and audio-visual material.

The Nola Millar Library also provides services to the New Zealand School of Dance. Members of the performing arts community can join on payment of a subscription.


  • More than 13,300 plays.
  • Over 12,000 books providing information about a wide range of subjects, including performing arts, film, television, art, costume, scenography, stage crafts, directing, voice, movement, choreography, theatre & dance history, theatre & dance biographies and New Zealand culture.
  • Nearly 3,000 DVDs and videos of films, drama and dance.
  • Theatre and dance magazines.
  • Selected archive recordings of performances, posters, programmes and photographs from Toi Whakaari and the New Zealand School of Dance.


The services offered to staff and students include lending, interlibrary loan, help with questions, listening and viewing facilities, lists of new and recent resources, computer and internet access and the teaching of research skills. Services to subscription members may vary.

Opening Hours

The core opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm.

Opening hours may vary during specific weeks in the Toi Whakaari calendar, such as Whakatau Tauira, Marae Noho and Graduation Week.

The library is closed on public holidays and for several weeks over Christmas and New Year.


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Library Manager

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New Resources

A list of the Nola Millar Library’s new resources is posted here approximately once a month.

Download the most recent list of new resources acquired by the Library here (96kb).

Both Toi Whakaari and the New Zealand School of Dance have held their graduation ceremonies, (most) students have left the building, and Christmas is fast approaching. So, chosen somewhat at random from amongst the new acquisitions, are some books that will be fun to dip into while you take a bit of a break. If none of these is to your taste, you know that there are more where those came from! Just click on the link above to access the full list.

A-life-on-film-2First up is Geoff Murphy’s recently published autobiography, A life on film. Written in fairly informal style, the book begins with Murphy’s early life but quickly moves on to his first attempt at film-making when he was working as a teacher at Newtown School in the 1960s (hiring space in the very building which now houses the Nola Millar Library, as it happens!). This first project was never completed but, far from discouraging him, motivated Murphy to start teaching himself about filmmaking. His own list of attributes for successful filmmaking includes: “skill, talent, creativity, common sense, perseverance and luck” (p.x) and certainly the need for perseverance and ingenuity in the face of obstacles is amply demonstrated throughout his account of his life to date – despite the undoubted success of some of his movies.

The-director-within-2If you’d rather get a short glimpse into the life and work of multiple directors, you might prefer The director within: storytellers of stage and screen. The 35 directors were chosen, interviewed and photographed for the book by Rose Eichenbaum, whose background is photography and photojournalism. Currently Professor of Communications at Woodbury University’s School of Media, Culture and Design she is the author of four previous books, including two “companion” volumes to this: The dancer within and The actor within. Inevitably the book is US-focused and, sadly, includes only six women, but apart from this, represents a broad range of people, including theatre, musical theatre, television and film directors from very different backgrounds and experiences. The interviews follow no set pattern, often being led by Eichenbaum’s personal relationship with and/or knowledge of the interviewees and the work they’ve produced, which makes for interesting reading and varied insights.

ICONZ-created-by-Belinda-EllisOur last choice for the holiday season is a little book of New Zealand iconography: ICONZ: an iconic look at New Zealand identity. The title page simply says “created by Belinda Ellis”; she certainly created the icons but in the Acknowledgements (p.152) she thanks Richard Wolfe “for the text accompanying the icons”, although he is not mentioned elsewhere. The subtitle explains the concept: a selection of things (organised into the categories Heritage and culture, Popular culture, Cuisine, The natural world, and People) that contribute to New Zealand’s uniqueness. Ellis has developed symbolic graphics to accompany each entry – I would say bravely rather than wholly successfully for many of the people – but it is the inclusion of people as well as the more usual suspects that differentiates this book from others about kiwiana. The text, while fairly brief is entertaining and full of interesting facts; great for dipping into as you relax with a long cool drink (assuming you can get away from El Niño!).

For details of these and many other theatre and dance titles, click on the link above to see the full list of new resources processed recently.

Recent Resources

A list of the Nola Millar Library’s new resources is posted here approximately once a month.

Below are downloadable lists of new resources from previous months.

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Being able to study and realise performance design in the midst of a theatre arts school with other students exploring their crafts of acting, directing and theatre technology has been invaluably challenging, stimulating and most of all incredibly exciting.

Brian KingDesign Graduate (2006): Niu Sila, Doubt, Lashings of Whipped Cream

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