Black Confetti

Black Confetti by Eli Kent focuses on the question of youth and consequences.  Situated within Wellington’s often alienating party scene, where hipsters desperately yearn for significance, trying to make meaning out of their disaffected world, the play celebrates the ridiculous lengths we go to, in order to belong, to be cool, to be loved or even admired.

Directed by Leo Gene Peters

Production Designed by Rose Kirkup

Staging, design, production & costumes by students from Year 2 Management and Year 2 Costume.

Performed by Year 3 Acting.

Teaser Video

Production Photography

by Philip Merry

Production Credits


Joe Witkowski – Siggy/Sigmund
Jack Parker – Elvis
Ruby Love – Katie
Jess Quilter – Flo
Logan Cole – Tom, Shiny Man, Dog Man, Jarrod, Earl/Bouncer
Conor Cameron – Phil, Debra (soccer mum)
Liv Parker – Susie, Katie’s mum, Willow (Flo’s mum)
Tess Sullivan – The Dean, Career Counsellor, The Doctor, Krishla, German Embassy


Director – Leo Gene Peters
Producer – Paul Tozer
Designer – Rose Kirkup
Sound Designer – Piers Gilbertson
Production Manager – Tommy Berridge
Stage Manager – Holly Mercer
Technical Manager – Cohen Stephens
Costume Co-ordinator – Kaarin Macaulay
Costume Supervisor – Rianne Gibson
Costume Supervisor – Alannah Martin

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