The Bachelor of Performing Arts (Acting) is the foremost acting degree in New Zealand. We develop independent, strongly skilled, collaborative actors who can bring out the best in themselves and see to bring out the best in others. We value actors who as storytellers are able to create new theatre work or thrive on a film set internationally.

The three-year, full-time degree course develops artistry and the skills needed for professional performance work in stage, radio, television, film and related arts. In addition to helping kick-start and maintain a career in the industry, Toi Whakaari ensures its graduates have a vision of their future and the drive to create their own opportunities.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Acting) Degree will have:

  • Skill to work to their potential
  • Talent to manage and sustain a career in the performing arts
  • Imagination to dream
  • Flexibility to adapt readily to performance conditions
  • Confidence to trust and work with others
  • Leadership to initiate stage and screen projects
  • Understanding of and respect for place, relationships and culture guided by Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Ability to critique the theatre and screen practices of themselves and others
  • Courage to experiment, test and innovate

We aim to provide:

  • Teaching that develops actors who are skilled, professional and creative
  • Training to develop actors who survive in the performing arts
  • Support so the individual may learn from failure and success

Successful Graduates

For more than 40 years, Toi Whakaari has graduated some of New Zealand’s most successful actors, including Matt Whelan, Chelsie Preston-Crayford, Te Kohe Tuhaka, Brooke Williams, Tandi Wright, Amelia Reid, Cliff Curtis, Robyn Malcolm, Emmett Skilton, Martin Csokas, Kerry Fox, Jacob Rajan, Rawiri Paratene, Tim Balme and Rima te Wiata.

Many balance their acting work while making their name as directors including Tim Spite, Rachel House, Sima Urale, Louis Sutherland, Katie Wolfe and Sophie Roberts.

In addition our acting graduates have gone on to be successful film producers, television directors and producers, playwrights, teachers and authors. Check out more of our success stories here.

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