2019 Applicant's Supplementary Information Form

*** Applications for entry in 2019 open in April ***

Applicants please note you must have already completed and submitted an Initial Online Application Form before using this form.

If you are applying for more than one course, you will need to submit a new Applicant’s Supplementary Information Form for each course.

Please complete all the relevant sections of this form. Answer the questions in the order that they appear (some choices may change depending on your answers). We encourage you to read through and familiarise yourself with all sections of the form and gather all the information you will require BEFORE starting to fill it in.

Your personal statement should answer the questions outlined on your chosen programme’s ‘How to Apply’ page (and may be a link to a video version).

Don’t forget to let your referees know that they need to complete the online Reference Form.

International applicants only: check out our International Students’ page for further information.

Before you submit your form you will need to gather some documents, scan them and put them in a ‘ZIP’ file and attach it to this form. The documents you will need are:

  • A jpg/jpeg passport-style photo (Portrait, 500kb minimum – 5MB maximum)
  • Copies of proof of age and citizenship. Your passport (main page only) or your birth certificate
  • A copy of your most recently attained academic qualification(s)

If you want to know how to zip documents together to create a ‘ZIP’ file click HERE (Right-click on the link and choose ‘open in a new tab’)

If you receive an error message with ‘email address not valid’ this is caused by an extra gap or space in an email field somewhere on the form (usually caused by cut and pasting email addresses), enter email addresses manually. When you submit the form we will send you an automated response with a pdf copy attached shortly afterwards. If you do not receive this email, first of all check your junk mail folder (as this is where it often ends up). If it isn’t in there the form has not submitted correctly and you will need to submit it again. If you have any problems email apply@toiwhakaari.ac.nz 

An * indicates a required field.

Applicant name:*
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My personal statement is:
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Personal Statement Question 2.*
Personal Statement Question 3.*
Personal Statement Question 4.*
Personal Statement Question 5.*
Personal Statement Question 6.*
Insert the link to your video here:
(Nordic applicants only) Link to additional online video material:
COSTUME APPLICANTS: Portfolio of Costume Work. Please read the ‘How to Apply’ section on the Costume page. You can add your photos to a ZIP file and email it to apply@toiwhakaari.ac.nz, or you can insert a link to your website/Tumblr/dropbox etc in the box provided
SET & PROPS APPLICANTS: Portfolio of Work. Please read the ‘How to Apply’ section on the Set & Props page. You can add your photos to a ZIP file and email it to apply@toiwhakaari.ac.nz, or you can insert a link to your website/Tumblr/dropbox etc in the box provided (1)
DESIGN APPLICANTS: Portfolio of Design Work. Please read the ‘How to Apply’ section on the Design page. You can send us a link to a website/Tumblr/dropbox etc in the box provided. Alternatively, send us your portfolio in the post, to arrive NO LATER than Friday 21st of October.
Please list the institutions you have attended (up to two, tertiary and/or secondary), listing all qualifications gained. Enter the most recent information first.
Institution name:*
Institution country:*
Studied from:
Studied to:
Qualification awarded:*
Education 2
Institution name (2):
Institution country (2):
City (2):
Studied from (2):
Studied to (2):
Qualification awarded (2):
Please list up to two employers and your position with them, starting with the most recent first.
Employer’s name:
Employed from:
Employed to:
Position held:
Employment 2
Employer’s name (2):
Country (2):
City/town (2):
Employed from (2):
Employed to (2):
Position held (2):
Please list your two most recent performing arts experiences
Production/Film/Event name:
Country of event:
City of event:
Start date:
Finish date:
Your role/job:
Performing Arts Experience 2
Production/Film/Event name (2):
Producer/Director/School (2):
Country of event (2):
City of event (2)
Start date (2):
Finish date (2):
Your role/job (2):
ALL short-listed applicants present in NZ will be required to attend Applicants’ Weekend in Wellington (2nd – 4th November 2018). *
(ACTING only) Have you booked your initial audition workshop session? (You can do this via our website)
Applicants who are OVERSEAS. I request a:
Which country will you be in?
Landline phone number:
Your Skype name:
Please ask two people to act as your confidential referees. The reference form is available for them to fill out on our website. It is your responsibility to ensure that your referees complete and submit their reference forms BEFORE your course application deadline.
At least one of these referees should be able to attest to your abilities for the course you are applying for (eg. Your drama/fashion/design/art teacher or a relevant employer or director you have worked with). Please provide their details:
1st referee’s name:*
Relationship to you:
Country of residence:
Phone: *
E-mail address:*
2nd Referee
2nd referee’s name*
Position (2):
Organisation (2):
Relationship to you (2):
Address (2):
Country of residence (2):
Phone (2):*
E-mail address (2):*

(NOTE: Your application will not be considered until Toi Whakaari has received all of the above items. If documents are late, your application may not be accepted.)
I have:
I have attached a ‘ZIP’ file to this form containing ALL the following items: (OR emailed the ZIP file to apply@toiwhakaari.ac.nz)
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I declare that the information submitted by me in this application and the accompanying documentation is complete and accurate. I understand and agree that any misrepresentation or omission of facts will justify a denial or cancellation of admission. I have read Toi Whakaari’s application materials and if offered a place I agree to abide by all of the school’s academic, administrative and financial procedures and requirements.
Applicant’s full name:

The information that you provide in this form is collected and held by Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, PO Box 7146, Newtown, Wellington, 6242. The purpose of collecting this information is to give Toi Whakaari staff the necessary information to help them make their decisions. The information is also used for statistical purposes. The information in this form is available to all staff and tutors at Toi Whakaari and to audition panel members. If your application to Toi Whakaari is successful, this form and all attachments will be kept in your student file. If your application is unsuccessful this form and all attachments will be destroyed.
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