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The Diploma in Costume Construction is the only course in New Zealand that specialises in costume for stage and screen. The course is taught by some of today’s best industry professionals, and aims to provide students with skills in all forms of costume construction and production, leading to employment in theatre, film and allied industries.

The Diploma is a full-time, two-year intensive vocational and highly practical course covering all aspects of costume work with between four and seven students in each year.

Costume students have the opportunity to collaborate with the New Zealand School of Dance on their major performance events, as well as being actively involved in most shows and performance projects created at Toi Whakaari. In addition, the annual Costume Showcase exists to showcase the graduating costumiers’ work in a live performance event.

Check out this presentation (1,382kb) giving a course overview.

Costume graduates should be able to:

  • organise, make, adapt and source costumes for a wide range of performing arts events including theatre, film, and other related activities.
  • demonstrate professional skills in essential costume making areas such as machining, pattern development and pattern drafting
  • develop procedures and systems for supervising or managing the costume production process
  • evaluate operational requirements for a range of production processes
  • demonstrate the ability to co-ordinate aspects of the costume production process
  • interpret costume drawings to realise the design concept
  • undertake research to augment costume design  information and to   support the costume construction process
  • demonstrate a practical understanding of the various performing arts industries and their organisational structures and operational methods
  • operate effectively as independent practitioners with a practical understanding of essential  business skills

Graduates of the programme should also be able to demonstrate a good knowledge and high level of proficiency in the following key areas:

  • pattern development and drafting
  • costume construction
  • sewing machine and over-locker operation
  • fabric dyeing and printing
  • work-place occupational health and safety
  • costume maintenance

Graduates of the programme may also demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency in the following areas:

  • costume props
  • corset and foundation garment making
  • basic tailoring
  • basic millinery
  • breaking down costumes

Download the brochure for the Diploma in Costume Construction here .

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