Term One, Week Zero

By February 16, 2017Management Blog

On the first day we started with a welcome in the morning for our returning students, then an audience discussion with the makers of a Fringe show after lunch. The conversation of the day has been about process, connection and working practice.

The returning students and staff reconnect after some time apart over summer. We all prepare for the year ahead by thinking about what tone or flavour we as a collective group want to show during week one, when we are joined by 45 new students.  We are thinking about the working culture and what we individually and collectively can build.

Next week starts with a pōwhiri for our new students. In the arts management department, the work it takes for people to work to their best is at the core of many of the principles. We will be thinking and seeing and testing how this welcome works to orientate the new students to us. It is also a read out of where we are at as a wider school group, and the work ahead.

First day selfie – Lisa Maule

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